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The natural revolution for the prevention of the dreaded photo-ageing.

    CBD for skin and ageing

    The desire to maintain healthy, youthful-looking skin is a commonly shared goal among skincare consumers that spans many geographic and generational divides. In a culture shaped by social media and at the start of a new decade defined by the continuing and inevitable effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers are more conscious than ever of their physical, mental and emotional well-being. With skin being our largest organ and often a reflection of inner turmoil caused by stress, lack of sleep and lifestyle factors related to sun exposure, diet and alcohol consumption, it is no wonder that the market for anti-ageing products is expected to reach €47.8 billion by 2027.

    Until now, this burgeoning segment has been dominated by active ingredients such as vitamin C, retinoids and alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids. However, despite their proven efficacy in treating the signs of skin ageing, these ingredients are known to cause irritation and photosensitivity, especially in the case of retinoids and exfoliating acids. For the 50-60% of men and 60-70% of women who report some degree of skin sensitivity, these side effects can make long-term, routine use of these ingredients difficult and, in the short term, lead to a frustrating trial-and-error experiment marked by red skin, dry, flaky skin as the fair price for engaging in the seemingly endless search for the right product, the right concentration and the right routine that encompasses all of these ingredients (and then some), as suggested by today's dermatologists, beauty gurus, celebrities and influencers. The quest for healthy, youthful skin shouldn't be so complicated or painful.

    Herein lies the exciting promise of cannabinoids as active ingredients for skin care. In general, the vast majority of cannabinoid research to date has been focused on the cannabidiol (CBD) and delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), as these are the most abundant and readily available cannabinoids produced by the plant species Cannabis Sativa L. However, the recent adoption of well-established manufacturing methods, namely biosynthesis and chemical synthesis, have allowed the commercial availability of other cannabinoids such as cannabigerol (CBG)The new research and development of cannabinoids has ushered in a new era of cannabinoid research and development, while creating a reliable supply chain defined by high purity, consistent, sustainable and compliant ingredients.

    Secondly, these results complement recent findings published by Willow Biosciences Inc, a company that has been working in the field for the past two years. leader in biotechnology that manufactures pure, consistent and sustainable cannabinoids through yeast biosynthesis. His research sheds further light on the considerable anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity of the CBG and the CBD which, when taken together with the findings of Cellular Goods, reveal that these cannabinoids can counteract the well-established ageing effects of UV exposure (also known as photoageing) and inflammation (recently coined as "inflammaging"), equally and in some cases more effectively than vitamin C. The tolerability and properties anti-inflammatory y antioxidants combined, these cannabinoids make them compelling ingredients that provide multiple mechanisms against ageing extrinsic, qualifying them as novel ingredients with immense potential for skin care solutions designed to prevent the signs of ageing.


    Written by:
    Carlos Vera

    Carlos Vera

    CEO & Founder

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