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Cream with a high Niacinamide content

What is niacinamide?

Niacinamide is a natural vitamin, vitamin B3 to be exact, which you may also see labelled as nicotinamide. This vitamin is an essential component for your overall health and has been observed to be important in the function of your brain, digestive tract, skin and nervous system. But several studies have proven to be of great benefit to those with acne.

One of the great advantages of niacinamide is that it is a low molecular weight vitamin. This allows you to be able to also reach into the deepest layers of the skin. In addition, it is an ingredient that can be used on all skin types and has a large number of benefits that we will see below.

Benefits of Niacidamide:

Since niacinamide is tolerable for all skin types, everyone can take advantage of its beneficial properties. The most interesting are the following:


One of the great benefits of niacinamide is that it moisturise your skin. The application of this element increases collagen production to reduce wrinkles and signs of ageing. Your skin will become much more elastic and hydrated thanks to the niacinamide that forms a skin barrier against external agents.


Acne is a skin disorder caused by the clogging of hair follicles with oil, dead skin cells and other impurities. It is most common among teenagers, but adults also suffer from it. Niacinamide has sebum-regulating and anti-inflammatory properties that combat and reduce acne.

Acne is a common, chronic skin condition that has probably affected us all at some point in our lives (puberty?). But for those individuals who find that their acne lasts well beyond their teens, extending into their 20s, 30s and even 40s, it can be significantly annoying. Not only does it affect your appearance, but it can be quite embarrassing and disfiguring, which can ultimately affect your confidence. And we want you to put your best self out into the world.

In fact, this is an ingredient that deeply moisturises the skin and boosts the creation of new cells to keep your face free of impurities. Thus, it can diminish the characteristic marks left by acne on the face and even the blemishes that occur around them.

CBD cream and model.


Facial irritation and redness are two conditions that people with very sensitive skin suffer from. Niacinamide can act against them. It is a component that will make your skin look more beautiful and healthy, reducing the skin redness, dryness and itching that some conditions cause.

However, it is important to know choosing the right niacinamide concentration so as not to cause the opposite effect. Too high a concentration may cause temporary reddening or irritation of the skin during application. Our Chill Cream has a 2% concentration of Niacidamide.


The effects of the sun's ultraviolet rays are very damaging to your skin. Overexposure of this kind can cause your skin to become drier and age more quickly. Niacinamide, on the other hand, reduces the damage that solar radiation causes to your skin cells.

But the relationship between niacinamide and the sun does not stop there. It is also a component that is able to reduce skin pigmentation and sun spots. Using this product will keep your skin free of redness, thus preventing photoageing.


Finally, it is necessary to talk about the antioxidant properties of niacinamide. Its application protects the skin from free radicals and external agents. It also combats the signs of ageing, which are caused by free radicals, pollution, the sun's rays, the cold, etc.

Niacinamide repairs DNA that may have been damaged in your skin. It also improves and boosts cell energy and promotes elasticity and hydration.

As you can see, the niacinamide niacinamide has many benefits, as it is a product that can be used on all skin types and is a real trend in the cosmetics world: it fights and reduces acne, soothes irritation and redness, moisturises and boosts collagen production. Niacinamide, in short, is one of those ingredients that will help your skin look younger, smoother and brighter.


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Written by:
Carlos Vera

Carlos Vera

CEO & Founder

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