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CBD and pain: Relief of chronic and occasional pain.

In recent times, the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of CBD have become exponentially more evident. At the same time, it does not produce the annoying adverse effects caused by painkillers, such as the gastrointestinal problems of the famous "painkillers". ibuprofen.

Many people even use cannabidiol products to manage pain caused by various diseases. For example, the headachethe arthritisthe premenstrual syndromel.

What does "pain" mean?

According to the National Institute of Neurology, pain is a type of signal from the nervous system indicating that something is not working properly. It is a sensation unpleasant, like a kind of prickling sensation with a feeling of tingling. The pain may be sharp or dull. It may occur intermittently or be constant over time. This type of pain can be felt in different areas of the body, such as the back, the abdomen the chest. Or you may feel generalised pain.

The pain can help identify a health problem that may be hidden. Without this signal from the nervous system that something is not working "normally", you could have an accident and without pain you would not be able to feel the injuries autonomously, which could be fatal.

There are two types of pain: Sharp and chronic. In general, the acute pain suddenly appears, due to illness, injury, even though it all comes down to the inflammation. It can often be diagnosed and treated. It usually goes away, although sometimes it can develop into chronic pain. Chronic pain lasts a long time and can cause serious problems.

The pain is not always curable, but there are many ways to treat it. Treatment depends on the cause and type of pain. There are treatments that use medication, such as analgesics. There are also more natural alternativesas the CBD.

How is CBD used for pain relief?

The CBD (cannabidiol) has properties analgesics y anti-inflammatory that, as time goes by, are supported by more and more people who are scientific studies . More and more people are using CBD oil to reduce pain in a variety of ways. topical as well as internal.

Use CBD products is non-addictive and non-toxic, as it states in its report on CBD the World Health Organisation. This hemp compound, the main component of the hemp varieties of cannabis, has no psychotropic effects and does not create dependence.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is used to relieve different types of pain:

  • Pain caused by an inflammatory process
  • Pain due to migraines
  • Chronic pain
  • Pre-menstrual pain and menstrual.
  • Discomfort caused by menopause.
  • Arthritic pain
  • Oncological pain
  • Bruxism pain.

CBD for pain caused by an inflammatory process

To understand how effective the CBD oil For different types of inflammation, it is important to understand what inflammation is, the different causes that trigger it and its main symptoms. Inflammation is usually caused by the response of the immune system at the onset of an infection or a reaction to a shock. Simply put, it is how the body communicates with your immune system to begin the process of recovery and repair of tissue that has been damaged or disrupted.

The body also uses inflammation as a way to defend itself against pathogenic enemies, such as viruses and bacteria. Inflammation becomes a cause for concern if it is prolonged for a long time in places where it is not needed, as it has serious consequences on blood circulation.

CBD for chronic pain

To date, no CBD-based medicine is approved as an analgesic in Europe, although its formulation in pain creams has increased by as much as 90% in the last two years.

In the meantime, several countries have approved CBD to treat certain conditions. For example, the UK has approved it for multiple sclerosis and Canada for cancer pain. Ongoing research suggests that CBD oil for pain may be an ally for treating ailments such as arthritis and fibromyalgia, both topically and orally (not regulated in Spain). Some more severe pain may not be treatable with CBD alone, but it may help when combined with CBG (Cannabigerol) or analgesic drug applications.

For example, 60% of US adults who use CBD oil do so for its potential analgesic effects, according to a recent Forbes Health survey of 2,000 US adults conducted by OnePoll.

Survey on why people choose to use CBD. Forbes.

CBD for migraines

Migraines are characterised by severe headaches and neck pain. They can last for hours or even days, and people who suffer from them often find that their daily activities, both social relations and work productivity, are affected. 

Migraines are often accompanied by nausea, vomiting and high sensitivity to light or sound. 

Because CBD is a super molecule

Migraines are medicated to combat their effects. Unfortunately, some of the most effective medications, such as codeine, are opioids, which means they can also be highly addictive. And other conventional medications can have significant side effects. 

In contrast, both CBD and CBG can alleviate pain, as well as the consequences of pain, such as nausea and vomiting, with very few proven adverse effects.

Oncological pain

In 2014, a study was published in animal models which showed that CBD oil could effectively prevent the onset of pain sensation in rats undergoing cancer treatment. In conclusion, CBD was shown to relieve pain through binding to the characteristic serotonin receptors, which are closely related to the receptors in our brain. endocannabioid system.

CBD to treat arthritis pain

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a form of arthritis that causes inflammation and very severe pain, as well as loss of function in limb mobility.

It usually affects the wrists and hands in particular.

Several studies have corroborated that CBD in various forms can help arthritis in two ways: firstly, because of its ability to analgesicThe pain caused by this disease is alleviated. 

The second way in which CBD oil can help to combating rheumatoid arthritis is by delaying the progression of the disease, by combating not only the pain but also the inflammation.

CBD for muscle pain

While playing sport has many health benefits, it can sometimes cause muscle pain and even injury. In these cases, many scientific studies consider that CBD could be of great help due to its analgesic, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties.

In addition, other studies show that CBD promotes muscle recovery, it is characteristic that after intensive training, tears or specific alterations in muscle tissues occur, which can cause pain.

Ultimately, thanks to its effect analgesicCBD balms could be an excellent alternative to NSAIDs to help combat any type of pain and inflammation.

CBD for menstrual pain

Painful menstrual periods affect many women around the world, who are medicated for the pain caused by cramps, often with painkillers such as paracetamol and ibuprofen.

Studies have been carried out which have shown that the CBD has anti-inflammatory properties by causing a reduction in the production of prostaglandins and therefore helps to reduce the pain associated with menstruation.

CBD against pain


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