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CBD in pharmacies: effective natural ingredients.

Community pharmacies are gradually starting to include products such as creams y CBD oilsas the regulation of medical cannabis in Spain approaches. At bove, we are pleased to announce that our CBD-rich creams and our CBD oils are now available in more than 10 Spanish pharmacies. We have obtained National Pharmacy Codes for all our products, which is a significant achievement. This will enable those citizens who prefer to make physical purchases to enjoy the benefits of the benefits of CBD.

Within our range of cosmetic creams and serumsWe offer a facial cream designed for mature skin, one to combat acne in young skin and a Body Oil for Cuerpazos, which moisturises, nourishes and relaxes. In addition, our sports line includes two CBD-rich sports gelsone for before and one for after exercise.

Finally, our CBD oil The Balance Oil is used by our customers to treat problems of anxietyproblems of dream and other everyday ailments. CBD is one of the most interesting components of the cannabis plant (specifically the Cannabis Sativa strain), as it has been shown in studies to have potential therapeutic effects without producing psychotropic effects or side effects. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has endorsed its safety since 2017.

How CBD works in the body

The endocannabinoid system is a network of cells found throughout the human body. Naturally, our body produces endocannabinoids that are essential for the proper functioning of this system. However, in case of deficiency, CBD can interact with and stimulate it, allowing our skin (with CBD creams), mind (with cannabidiol oil) and muscles (with sports gels) to restore their internal balance, known as homeostasis.

CBD derived from the cannabis plant has been the subject of numerous studies due to its anti-inflammatory effects, its potential to relieve pain (whether chronic or occasional) and its ability to promote relaxation.

In general, there are few known adverse effects associated with the use of CBD, although some mild contraindications have been reported in very isolated cases related to the use of cannabis oil.

At bovehealth.com, we are dedicated to providing the best products at competitive prices in our online shop. However, we understand that sometimes you may feel like trying other brands or exploring different online shops. To help you avoid disappointment, we've compiled a list of essential requirements to consider when choosing your CBD products. Unfortunately, there are tempting offers on the Internet that are actually low quality products or even simple hemp oils, which will not be effective and will make you miss the opportunity to experience the true benefits of hemp. cannabidiol oil.

In addition to our online shop, you can also find The Balance Oil CBD oil, CBD creams and CBD sports gels at your local pharmacy. The pharmacist will be ready to provide you with information on the uses and benefits of all our products. In addition, you will be able to obtain samples so you can try them and make sure that the CBD oil or CBD cream is right for you. The presence of our products in pharmacies is important to many of our customers, as 98% of Spaniards fully trust their pharmacists, according to a study conducted by the social research consultancy GAD3. This ensures that our products meet high standards of quality and thoroughness.

Pharmacists rely on CBD oils and CBD creams from bove for several reasons:

CBD has been shown to have extraordinary effects on our physical and mental well-being. However, it is important to note that not all CBD products are the same and many users have expressed concern about the lack of transparency in the market. At bove, our organic products are committed to ensuring full traceability of the crop from production to point of sale. We recognise the need for thoroughness and transparency, particularly when it comes to CBD products.

Our CBD in pharmacies is the answer to this demand. We have natural and original formulas for CBD creams and CBD oil, backed by our extensive knowledge of the raw material. We ensure that we use high quality ingredients and careful manufacturing processes to deliver reliable and effective products.

Pharmacists find the qualities of our CBD creams and sports gels delightful because of:

Our hakuLab sports creams and gels are appreciated by pharmacists because of their outstanding qualities:

  • Ingredients of natural originMore than 90% of the ingredients used in our products are of natural origin. This choice reflects our commitment to quality and preference for ingredients that are gentle and safe for the skin.
  • High CBD contentOur products are distinguished by their cannabidiol (CBD) content. No product contains less than 4 mg of CBD per ml, making them the most concentrated CBD creams available on the market. Pharmacists rely on their potency and effectiveness to deliver therapeutic benefits. In addition, our oils also contain CBG and Terpenes to enhance the effect.
  • Transparency in the amount of CBD: Unlike other brands that may hide or fail to provide accurate information about the amount of CBD in their products, we strive to be transparent. We provide clear and detailed information about the amount of CBD in each product, providing confidence and reassurance to pharmacists and users.
  • Organic hemp cultivationOur hemp is grown organically, without the use of pesticides or harmful chemicals. This guarantees the purity and quality of our ingredients, and also reinforces our commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.
  • Recognised laboratoryWe have a recognised laboratory that has conducted a clinical study with our CBD in women aged 41 to 73 years. This study demonstrates our dedication to scientific excellence and innovation in the development of CBD products.

The qualities of our CBD balance oil that pharmacists love are:

  • Our CBD oil formula is based on the dilution of 85% CBD distillate in an oil base, with the aim of preserving the richness of cannabinoids and terpenes present in cannabis without the toxic effects of THC. For more details about our Broad Spectrum formula, we invite you to read information detailed in this regard.
  • We offer a variety of oil options, including our Broad Spectrum CBD oil with 0% THC and natural hemp aroma, which is highly valued by our customers. Our oils are composed of a carrier oil base, which includes cold pressed hemp (hence its intense colour)
  • It is important to point out that our oil is made from organic hemp grown in the Paris region, guaranteeing its origin and quality. In addition, we offer different concentrations to suit the individual needs of each person.

Conclusions: CBD in pharmacies

CBD (cannabidiol) in pharmacies has become increasingly available in many places. The availability of CBD products in pharmacies may vary depending on country-specific legislation and regulations.

In some countries, such as Spain, specific regulation has been established for medical cannabis and CBD. This has allowed certain CBD products to be made available in pharmacies, as long as they meet the established legal and quality requirements.

The presence of CBD in pharmacies provides important benefits for consumers. Pharmacists are trained health professionals who can provide appropriate advice and guidance on the use of CBD products. In addition, purchasing CBD products in pharmacies provides greater confidence in the quality, authenticity and safety of the products.

It is important to note that CBD products in pharmacies are usually intended for therapeutic use and must meet certain quality standards. It is advisable to consult with a pharmacist or healthcare professional for accurate and appropriate information about CBD products available in your area and how they may benefit your particular situation.

Disclaimer: The information given here is purely informative and our products whether they are CBD or Hemp should never replace a medical recommendation. Whenever a product is supplied it must be under the supervision of a specialist and is always under the responsibility of the user. Products not suitable for ingestion. Any inappropriate use is the responsibility of the consumer.

None of Bove Health's products are intended to diagnose, treat or cure a disease.

Written by:
Carlos Vera

Carlos Vera

CEO & Founder

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