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CBD for pregnant women: can it be used?

The CBD or Cannabidiol is a fascinating natural, non-psychotropic molecule, more specifically a cannabinoid present in the cannabis plant. hemp. It has many benefits and is able to improve the way we feel. With so many health benefits, many women are tempted to use it during pregnancy, in order to reduce stress, reduce muscle pain and improve their wellbeing. But what is CBD or Cannabidiol Can we really recommend the use of CBD for pregnant and breastfeeding women? What are the possibilities to reduce stress and ailments of pregnant women in a safe and effective way? If you are interested in this topic, stay reading this interesting article.

Pregnancy and the use of CBD

Every stage of life has its own requirements. It is true, CBD can be of great help in alleviating the ailments of the elderly, such as arthrosis and the menopause What about pregnant and breastfeeding women? The precautionary measure also applies to the use of CBD, although this needs to be qualified.

CBD orally

(Not regulated in Spain)ña)
The use of CBD in oral or sublingual form is not recommended during pregnancy or while breastfeeding, although it is not rejected outright as with other foods or natural supplements. As a general rule, hemp, cannabis and its derivatives are not recommended for pregnant women. Scientific studies on the subject are frankly non-existent and it is difficult to decide exactly what would be advisable for a pregnant woman when she wants to consume CBD.

However, it is interesting to analyse the issue in order to fully understand the relationship of CBD to the human body. For example, (endo)cannabinoids would play an important role in the development of the foetus and its evolution. As it produces its own cannabinoids (called endocannabinoids), breastfeeding women naturally pass it on to their babies through their breast milk.. This opens the scientific doors to analyse whether these molecules could influence the development of the baby, as it is a very interesting fact that there are endocannabinoids in the breast milk of mammals.

Therefore, if the use of oral or sublingual CBD tends to be excluded for pregnant and breastfeeding women, its use on the skin in a cosmetic way is not prohibited.

Topical Application of CBD (Regulated in España)

Cosmetics containing CBD can be used by pregnant women externally (on the skin). In fact, it is scientifically proven that CBD does not pass directly into the bloodstream when used externally or "cosmetically". On the contrary, the numerous properties of CBD are useful for improving the condition and comfort of pregnant women's skin. Our Balance Oil CBD oil can be used topically during pregnancy to balance the skin. For example, in case of hormonal acne, a drop locally on blemishes is enough to reduce inflammation and help healing.

At BOVE HEALTH, all our products are 100% natural.

What products and solutions for pregnant women's ailments?

Anxiety and stress due to the course of pregnancy, fear of the pain of childbirth, nervous tension and even fear of losing the baby during pregnancy... Pregnant women often have very high levels of anxiety during the gestation period, which is full of disconcerting and unfamiliar situations for new mothers.

Back pain
Whether it's sciatica during pregnancy or back pain due to carrying the baby or breastfeeding, pregnant women's bodies are put to the test. To relax tense areas and soothe back pain, there is nothing better than a good massage with our Balance Oil Enriched with CBD, its action anti-inflammatory y relaxing is effective in relieving muscle tension.

Change in skin condition due to hormones
Many pregnant women notice a change in the appearance of their skin during pregnancy. More oily or drier, to protect their skin from the hormonal changes the CBD can be an ally effective.

Prevention of stretch marks
The skin of each person and each woman is totally different, and so is its elasticity or its ease of "breaking" due to changes in our body. The fear of stretch marks is a common occurrence, but they are also completely natural breaks in the skin and should not be subject to "aesthetic" or discriminatory treatment. Even so, as they say, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Hair loss after childbirth
Due to hormonal decline, many postpartum women find that their hair loss is becoming more pronounced than it should be. To stimulate healthy hair growth and to take care of your hair, the hemp oil and the CBD have been scientifically proven to be effective. Its natural proteins stimulate the production of keratin and its anti-inflammatory power helps the hair root to be less "tight", therefore, hair growth is faster and more homogeneous. The use of CBD or Cannabidiol for hair is recommended by massaging the hair with a CBD-rich oil regularly and gently with the fingertips.


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Therapeutic Potential of Cannabidiol (CBD) for Skin Health and Disorders

Written by:
Carlos Vera

Carlos Vera

CEO & Founder

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