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Welcome to the wellness revolution based on Hemp, Passion and real Science. Join us for health, happiness, connectivity... and all that is good.
We have a mission to offer basic but powerful personal care solutions, with the combination of Spanish values and Spanish science. Founded by a young professional in Valencia, Spain; "We felt that there was something missing in our lives and in the market, something to cope with the high daily demands of the stress that consumes our time and energy".
Our CEO, Carlos Vera, is a young scientist and entrepreneur, who is currently a PhD student at the Department of Cell Biology and Health in Oxford, UK. It was during his scientific stay in laboratories at the University of Laval in Canada that he tried CBD (short for cannabidiol) and was immediately amazed by its tremendously positive effects on his health. He decided to invest his own money in creating a self-care brand with the best CBD broad spectrum products on the market.
We are wellness advocates, science enthusiasts and change-makers with a deep respect for nature and a firm belief in its ability to bring us back into balance. We founded bove to provide the products, tools and education to help us achieve this. Because when we, as individuals, are able to find that balance, it has a profound and lasting impact on the people and the world around us.
Our goal is to create the world's best CBD+ and Hemp experiences with optimal levels of phytocannabinoids and terpenes. Through our unique selection process, we source the best essential oils, aromas and flavours from around the world and blend them with broad spectrum CBD+. Every step of our design process is carried out with care and uncompromising attention to detail.
Now more than ever people need help with anxiety, sleep, energy, insomnia and pain.
We know CBD can help. All of us. But no one is helping enough with CBD. Most products lack efficacy, enjoyment, or understanding of the science and knowledge behind these molecules. Scientific knowledge of how it works, how much you need, how you would like to use it and enjoy it.
We are here to help you find you.
Welcome to bovē.
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