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Welcome to the Bovē Health Blog

Welcome to Bovē Health's CBD Learning Centre - a collection of blogs and scientific reviews by experts and scientists. All about CBD, CBG, Cannabis and all its benefits.
All articles and blogs are written by the Bovē Health scientific team.

What is CBD oil? Our complete guide to CBD or Cannabidiol.

Welcome to the bovē guide to CBD (and CBG) Oil - we hope this blog answers all your CBD questions so you can move forward on your wellness journey with a trusted, leading brand.
CBD Info

CBD Broad Spectrum: what is it?

At Bove Health, some of our products are "Broad Spectrum" CBD products: Balance Oil 7.5% and Balance Oil 5.5%. But what does "Broad Spectrum" really mean?

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Wellness & CBD

CBD and Anxiety, what do we know?

When I first heard about CBD oil, I admit I was a little sceptical. I was immediately reminded of joints and the disconcerting experiences I had with them.

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Wellness & CBD

Exploring inflammation.

Triggers, prevention and how to treat it. What is inflammation? Inflammation is our body's natural response to a shock or injury. Stress

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CBD Info

Psoriasis and CBD

Can CBD oil help with the symptoms of psoriasis? More than 2 million Spaniards suffer from psoriasis, an autoimmune disease that is

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Wellness & CBD

How to make Cannabis juice?

Cannabis juice allows a higher intake of cannabinoids than heated, inhaled or ingested methods and never produces an effect or intoxication. Use

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