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Bruxism? CBD for pain relief and better sleep.

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In recent years, cannabidiol or CBD oil has captured the attention of society and the interest of many researchers and physicians. More commonly known as CBD, this component of the Cannabis plant is often touted by people in the field of natural health as an effective treatment for an incredible variety of diseases and afflictions, including the anxiety and the dream Could CBD help with bruxism and become a safe and effective alternative to chemical treatments? To answer this question it is necessary to know not only about bruxism, but also how CBD oil works and the possible benefits and drawbacks of CBD for bruxism.

CBD oil to remedy bruxism.

CBD oil has become a relatively common alternative for anxiety and sleep problems. Although research on CBD for bruxism is somewhat limited, there are anecdotal success stories and recent studies that reveal a correlation between CBD use and a reduction in bruxism symptoms. People who have found relief generally claim that daily use of CBD oil reduced both the jaw pressure and painful side effects of this behaviour. Recent studies on CBD have revealed its effectiveness as a treatment option for bruxism symptoms.

Relevant studies and reviews on CBD include the following:

  • A study conducted in 2019 tested the efficacy of CBD applied to the jaw muscles of TMJ patients. The researchers concluded that "the application of the CBD formulation on the masseter muscle reduced masseter muscle activity and improved masticatory muscle status in patients with myofascial pain". In other words, the application of CBD to the jaw muscles effectively reduced jaw muscle pain and decreased jaw movement.
  • There have been multiple promising studies and research on the use of CBD for chronic pain. The World Health Organisation considers that there is conclusive evidence to support the benefits of CBD in the treatment of chronic pain in adults.
  • Another study found that "CBD had anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties that blocked osteoarthritis pain in rodents". These anti-inflammatory properties are the reason why CBD works as a treatment for bruxism. It is beneficial for the inflammation of the gums and jaw muscles that often accompanies teeth grinding and jaw clenching.
Cannabis Oil with CBD
Our CBD oil.

How does CBD oil help to treat bruxism?

In theory, there are several potential ways in which cannabidiol or CBD oil improves the pain and discomfort of bruxism:

  • Since CBD is known to help control anxiety, it can help those whose tooth-pressing movements are triggered by stress, helping them to control their anxiety and tension. Solving the problem at the root of bruxism is the best way to improve the condition.
  • CBD is thought to help those struggling with chronic pain by calming pain receptors, so it could combat the discomfort and sensitivity associated with bruxism.
  • Getting a good night's sleep is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, and bruxism is known to interfere with sleep. Multiple studies indicate that CBD helps you sleep better. The Sleep Foundation states that "preliminary research suggests that CBD may help with a range of sleep disorders" by reducing anxiety and cortisol levels.

Different forms of CBD for pain management

Products can be applied in many ways for various forms of treatment. So what works best for bruxism or TMJ? This is mainly a matter of personal preference.

CBD can be used and applied in a variety of ways. Some people have found success in applying CBD cream directly to the point of pain. For TMJ sufferers, CBD cream can be applied directly to the sore jaw and/or sore neck and back.

CBD oils are one of the most convenient ways to use CBD in the cannabidiol. You can place a few drops under your tongue (although in Spain we can only recommend the use of cbd topically) or add a little to your food and drink (again, in Spain it can only be applied topically and is the only use we recommend in our products). As the CBD becomes more common, other forms of this component of Cannabis are available. "CBD can also be ingested through CBD gel capsules, CBD Creams, CBD Serums ..... The advantage of these formats is that users can find consistent doses or control the amount of CBD they have used" (Clark 2021).

Why do some people develop bruxism?

Bruxism is often related to stress or anxiety. There are things you can do to help and treatments available from a dentist or your GP.

It is not always clear what causes people to grind their teeth.

It is often related to:

  • Stress and anxiety, which is the most common cause of bruxism.
  • Sleep problems, such as snoring and sleep apnoea.
  • Taking certain medications, such as a class of antidepressants known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs).
  • Smoking, heavy drinking of alcohol and caffeine, and use of drugs such as ecstasy and cocaine.

How to treat bruxism?

While some believe CBD holds promise as a treatment for bruxism, it is far from the only option available. There are several time-tested treatment options that can be effective in combating teeth grinding and clenching:

  • Mouth guards and splints are a simple, affordable and effective way to curb sleep bruxism. Also called occlusal guards or bite guards, they protect teeth from the wear and tear of repetitive grinding and keep the jaw in a healthy position when worn at night. For those concerned about comfort, a custom-made night guard made from an impression of the patient's teeth is a great option.
  • When stress is the trigger for bruxism, relaxation, massage and stress management techniques such as exercise or meditation are often recommended.
  • Medications such as anti-inflammatory drugs may be suggested to relieve the pain of bruxism. Sometimes muscle relaxants are prescribed to reduce the tension in the jaw muscles. Similarly, Botox injections may be used to temporarily weaken the jaw muscles and reduce teeth grinding.

CBD oil to treat Bruxism

Grinding your teeth and clenching your jaw may seem like minor, everyday problems, but they can cause serious discomfort and irreversible tooth destruction. Why suffer unnecessarily with headaches, earaches, jaw pain and toothaches when effective treatments are available? Research shows that the CBD is a viable treatment option to alleviate various types of pain.

If you think bruxism may be the cause of your pain or insomnia, ask your doctor about the option of adding CBD in your routine.


Written by:
Carlos Vera

Carlos Vera

CEO & Founder

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