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About the athlete

Hugo Algarra

Personal Trainer and founder of Aldi Fit

CBD reduces anxiety and stress in sport

Higher Technician in Physical and Sports Activities. Former high performance athlete. Specialised in strength, powerexplosive, boxing and performance in general.

Hugo transmits his passion for sport and training in every session. With him you will achieve your goals and enjoy the journey to reach them.

CBD reduces anxiety and stress in sport

CBD is a substance with regulatory and relaxing properties that can be helpful in reducing anxiety and stress. These problems are common among athletes, so the use of CBD can be very beneficial for them.

CBD can also be helpful in mitigating muscle pain and reducing inflammation, which is especially important for athletes during their recovery process from injuries.

The Bovē Health team strives to be consistent in ensuring the quality of our Cannabis-derived CBD products are always available, affordable and are products that nourish different needs for different people.

Does CBD help rest after sport?

It has been suggested that CBD can help improve sleep and rest after intense physical exercise. CBD may have relaxing and analgesic properties that can help relieve muscle tension and pain, which in turn can improve sleep quality.

In addition, some studies have indicated that CBD can reduce anxiety and stress, which may be helpful for athletes who experience these problems after strenuous training or competition.


Benefits of CBD for athletes

It has been suggested that the CBD can have several benefits for sportsmen and womenincluding:

  1. Pain reliefCannabidiol or CBD can have analgesic and pain-relieving properties. anti-inflammatory that can help relieve muscle and joint pain after intense physical exercise.

  2. Reduction of inflammationInflammation is a natural process that occurs in the body after physical exercise, but too much of it can be detrimental to muscle recovery and overall health. It has been suggested that CBD can help reduce inflammation and improve recovery.

  3. Improved sleepCBD may have relaxing properties that can help improve the quality of sleep. dream after exercise physical intense.

  4. Stress and anxiety reductionSportsmen and sportswomen often experience stress and anxiety before and after competitions and training sessions. CBD can have anxiolytic properties that can help reduce stress and anxiety.

  5. Improved mental focusCBD or Cannabidiol may have effects neuroprotectors y neurogenic that can improve the cognitive function and mental focus.

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