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Can your products with CBD be ingested?

Our CBD oils are formulated with 100% natural ingredientsalthough the composition may vary slightly. This careful selection allows us to ensure that our products are insurance, non-toxic and completely pesticide-free. Quality and transparency are core values at Bove Health, and we pride ourselves on offering CBD products that meet the highest quality standards.

It is important to note that our products are specifically designed for cosmetic and cosmetic use. are intended for external usei.e. cutaneous. According to current regulations in Spain, no other use of CBD is recommended in the country other than external and cosmetic use. Therefore, we advise against the oral consumption of our products.

Our labelling complies with the Spanish regulatory framework for cosmeticsWe provide clear and accurate information about the content of our CBD products.

We understand that CBD is a topic of great interest and that there are many questions about its potential therapeutic uses. However, at Bove Health, we believe it is essential to be responsible in our recommendations and to respect the regulations in force in the country.

If you are considering the use of CBD for therapeutic purposes, we strongly recommend that you consult with your medical specialists or medical Cannabis associations. They will be better able to provide you with personalised advice tailored to your specific needs and health situation.

It is important to remember that while CBD has attracted a lot of interest for its potential therapeutic benefits, there is still a need for further research and a full understanding of its effects and potential medical applications. The science surrounding CBD is constantly evolving, and it is always advisable to seek professional guidance and advice before incorporating CBD products into your self-care routine.

At Bove Health, our priority is to offer the highest quality products and provide accurate and reliable information about CBD. Our team of experts is always ready to answer your questions and provide guidance in your quest for natural wellness.

Thank you for trusting Bove Health as your choice for quality CBD products. We are committed to accompanying you on your journey to optimal wellness in a safe and responsible manner.

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