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Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a very long time.
Carlos, biotechnologist and founder of Bove Health.
After studying Biotechnology and Molecular Biology, and from being involved for some years in the Cannabis and personal care and cosmetics, something that I am truly passionate about, is born Bove.
Over the last few years I have lived in different places like Australia, Canada and London, bigger and smaller cities, with different climates and although I love it, my skin never got used to the changes very well and always tended to get "stressed". So I decided to create a range of products for all skin types".stressed"and "in a hurry" who need attention and have no time.

Bove Health. Natural and effective skincare.

Ingredients based on Plant Biotechnology
Natural skin care products formulated with active natural molecules, based on plant biotechnology, to care for all skin types. The perfect balance between the best of botanical active ingredients and the efficacy of scientific cosmetics.
Carlos, biotechnologist and founder of Bove Health, has been studying the biology of plants and their active ingredients at the molecular level for more than 5 years, as well as cosmetic formulation with innovative compounds. Passionate about the wellness and health industry, Carlos has assembled the best team of dermatologists and scientists to formulate the best possible products.
A radical change for all sensitive skinswith imperfections or dehydrated skin. Skin-friendly formulas with results REAL.
Our aim is to formulate products EFFECTIVE to achieve RESULTS for your skin.
"My skin is so oily and difficult to treat that I needed to develop the perfect products to tackle my skin problems. From post-shave acne to hydration, Bove Health, has completely changed my skin and my overall appearance, more hydrated, more glowing".
Carlos, biotechnologist and expert in molecular biology and founder of Bove Health.
What sets us apart
Nature and science come together in our products.
1. Exclusive formulas scientifically proven and developed by our scientist and founder.
2. Effective products with powerful active molecules.
3. Study clinical double blind with our CBD in 28 women for 21 days, with results including an 85% improvement in skin health.
4. At least one 97% of originating ingredients natural carefully selected to work in synergy.
5. Cosmetics unisexfor all the agesand above all EFFECTIVE.
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