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Our Origin

Our commitment to the CBD starts with our seeds and it extends throughout our process of extraction.
From seed to welfare
We use our own genetics of plants from hemp genetically analysed - all made possible and corroborated by advanced genomic mapping techniques and in vitro tissue culture of all our varieties to ensure pathogen-free and vigorous hemp plants.
Our hemp genetics are optimised to produce a high concentration of CBD (cannabidiol), as well as lower concentrations of other cannabinoids such as CBDa, CBG, CBN y CBC. Our hemp flower also has various percentages of many therapeutic compounds such as terpenes, flavonoids, amino acids, polyphenols, antioxidants, omega fatty acids, chlorophylls and vitamins/minerals.
Conscious agricultural practices
Located in Paris, France, a city with an ideal climate for the cultivation of this plant species. We grow and extract our own Cannabis, 100% organic and ecological as nature prefers: no single-use plastic pots, no synthetic inputs for the soil and no artificial aids or pesticides for the cultivation.
We believe in the biotechnologythe science and the sustainable agriculture. Making a difference compared to greenhouse grown hemp.
All our organic hemp biomass is grown naturally and 100% legally using only organic principles as defined by GMP and ISO. This means that there are no artificial and synthetic additives throughout the process: pesticide-free, herbicide-free, no chemical fertilisers.
Broad Spectrum CBD Extract
Cannabinoids are natural compounds and molecules in hemp oil that are extracted from the hemp plant (Cannabis Sativa L.). The cannabidiol (CBD), is just one of many cannabinoids and accounts for up to 85% of the plant extract.
"Broad Spectrum" means that the entire extract of the cannabis plant is included, leaving most of the cannabinoids, including the cannabinoids, intact. CBDand the intact terpenes in the oil, except THC. This provides more of the plant's molecules in the proportions and amounts that the plant's nature aims par excellence.
Our high quality hemp extract differs from the vast majority of extracts used by companies in the industry, as it contains a large number of cannabinoids, terpenes and other compounds, such as a variety of vitamins essential, mineralsfatty acids, proteins, chlorophyll, flavonoids and fibre are present, while the vast majority of companies only use pure CBD, losing most of the benefits of this molecule.
Benefits of our "Broad Spectrum" CBD extract
The extraction from broad spectrum increases health benefits. Other extraction methods may alter compounds by decarboxylation or oxidation, but not ours. Our cannabis extract has a unique chemical profile that works synergistically to produce restorative, relaxing and regenerative effects.
To understand why the extraction of Broad Spectrum o Broad Spectrum provides greater benefits, consumers must understand that these therapeutic effects that cannabis has is due to the action of cannabinoids, and our extract has 5 of them. CBD, CBG, CBE, CBDV1 y CBN.These oils are up to 4 times more effective than pure CBD oils that only contain CBD.
Studies have shown that the CBG and the CBD together with terpenes, have in their combination properties anti-inflammatory, analgesics, neuroprotective y antibacterial.
Molecular Synergy
Full-spectrum health benefits are derived from the ratio natural of compounds, but many full-spectrum products may not actually be full-spectrum. Cannabis users should always ask extractors for laboratory tests, as we do in bovēThe use of an accredited Spanish analytical laboratory to ensure that all our products contain something more than just CBD (CBC, CBG, CBDa, Terpenes...). The evidence that can detect a full list of compounds in a broad extract are quite expensive, but give consumers the peace of mind of knowing they are buying a product insurance , cash and based on the science.
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