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When Biotechnology meets Wellness

Bove Health promotes harmony between nature and humanity, establishing a bond of mutual care enhanced by intelligence. Our passion for the biotechnology The company's commitment to the environment drives us to advance even further, incorporating innovations that strengthen this connection.

With a firm focus on the wellness and the innovationWe explore new ways to harmonize the benefits of biotechnology technology with the needs of the natural world and people.

Connecting Science and Nature for a Perfect Balance.

Trust natural resources AND THEIR SCIENTIFIC BACKGROUND; our mission is to provide you with a complete understanding that empowers you to directly explore the benefits of natural synergies combined with biotechnology. We investigate the potential of the endocannabinoid system and share how Cannabidiol can

Our CBD Products

Sold in pharmacies.

CBD Oils

CBD Oils are our best selling product, it is the first step to connect with nature.

CBD body oil

CBD body products

We produce body products with CBD and other active ingredients such as Arnica or Centella asiatica.

CBD Packs

Exclusive CBD packs

The best cheap CBD packs on the market. So you can enjoy CBD in all its formats.

CBD Serum

Active cosmetics with CBD

Welcome to our online store of natural cosmetics with CBD! At Bove Health we are pioneers in producing quality CBD cosmetics in Spain.

The future of skin care

Bove Health is the first brand in Spain to create skin care products with CBGan innovative anti-inflammatory that has been shown to prevent skin alterations that accelerate the aging process, counteracting the effects of aging caused by UV exposure and inflammation.

Your anti-inflammatory properties make it a highly effective ingredient for calming redness and sensitivities, soothing the skin and protecting it from irritation. This means it is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Carlos, biotechnologist and founder of Bove Health.

After studying Biotechnology and Molecular Biology, and being involved for some years in the Cannabis industry and personal care and cosmetics, something he is truly passionate about, Bove was born.

Over the last few years I have lived in different places like Australia, Canada and London, bigger and smaller cities, with different climates and although I love it, my skin never got used to the changes very well and always tended to "stress out". So I decided to create a range of products for all skin types. stressed" skin and "in a hurry" who need attention and don't have the time.

What our customers say

Both the CBD oil and the moisturizer are amazing! I got a rash on my jaw area and when I started applying these products daily it was a matter of a few days before it disappeared. I also notice my skin is much more luminous. Without a doubt 10/10
Elena Roig
The Ritual Serum is such a bomb addition to my skincare routine!!! first of all, the smell is so calming and adds to the experience of massaging it into my face. this part alone can elevate my mood! and it doesn't just sit on top of your skin either like other products i've used before, it really absorbs and refreshes the skin
I found it a sensational product, because in an easy and simple way it has helped me with my menstrual pain and anxiety. Just taking a few drops continuously morning and night, the body accepts it and helps you relax and reduce pain and anxiety effectively.

The only Spanish laboratory to have a clinical endorsement for its CBD.

We performed a double-blind study with Eurofins Laboratories, using our CBD extract.

The results for the skin were exceptional and unprecedented.

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