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CBD cosmetics
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How does CBD work?

The CBD is a super-ingredient packed with properties antioxidants y anti-inflammatorywhich combats free radicals, helping you to sleep better as well as helping your skin to be deeply nourished.

Products formulated to promote your well-being; internally and externally.

Discover the best CBD cream

The Chill Creamis an anti-wrinkle facial cream with hyaluronic acid, CBD, Ceramides, Centella asiatica and Niacidamide at 2%.

It offers daily protection and regeneration and the benefits of the dermo-cosmetic properties of our CBD.

It has properties anti-inflammatory y anti-aging.
Indicated for facial care: skin sensitive, fur irritated, fur dry and with a tendency to acne.

Choose the most natural to feel better

Buy our CBD oil

The best CBD Oil

It's for you if... You are looking for the most complete cannabidiol product on the market. It is the only CBD oil that combines a quantity of CBD (10%) and the valuable bonus of the CBG (1%) and Terpenes Hemp (1)%.

The favourite of our users who find it difficult to fall asleep.
Discover it in pharmacies and in our online shop.
10% CBD : 1% CBG : 1% Terpenes

Discover CBD and what it can do for you

Skin care

Find out what CBD can do for you.

CBD has a place in practically everyone's life.
It can help you treat everything from insomnia to anxiety or if you apply it in the right way. topical acne and psoriasis.
It is a natural alternative with a strong scientific backing and is even endorsed by the WHO.

CBD for women: Menstrual pain, sex and stress

Studies show that the CBD can benefit women's health and improve their quality of life. As one of the most popular natural wellness trends, it is being discovered that CBD can benefit many health conditions, including anxietythe inflammationthe migrainesthe disorders from dream and the nauseaamong others.
The CBD can be helpful for many health conditions, such as diabetes, diabetes, and other health conditions. skinthe anxietythe inflammation and the pain.

How to use CBD to reduce acne.

Studies show that the CBD can reduce the amount of sebum or oil when applied to the skin, and is also ideal for treating skin acne as it also possesses properties antibacterial y anti-inflammatory.
The CBD can be useful for many skin stress conditions from acne to rosacea to psoriasis.

Buy now CBD and pay later.
3 deadlines no interest (and no worries).

Meet : Terpenes!

The terpenesare the aromatic compounds that determine the odour of many flowers and herbs, they also give cannabis its smell characteristic and contribute to its flavour and smell .
In addition to giving cannabis its unique aroma, terpenes also have a variety of functions in the plant and can produce a range of therapeutic effects and improve the mood of the people who use them.

We make a difference

Products developed by scientific experts
Bovē Health products are based on the latest scientific research and are always developed under the guidance of scientific experts.
Your safety, our priority
The customer's happiness is our top priority. That is why all our raw materials are tested by independent laboratories, guaranteeing an effective and above all safe product.
We care for our planet
Our commitment to the environment is reflected in our move towards sustainable and recyclable packaging, the use of organic and conscious ingredients at all times and the contribution to 1% for tree planting.
Based on 71 reviews
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Maria Gijon CardosMaria Gijon Cardos
17:36 11 Sep 22
My experience with the product: I have had the opportunity to try other creams with this same component (CBD), well, I have to say that I have not tried anything like it to date. The texture makes it melt very well into the skin and the result is a very nourished and hydrated skin. I'm using it in my daytime routine and I haven't had any problems. On my combination skin I don't find it heavy and I can apply make-up afterwards without any problem. In short, I think it is a great product that is worth trying. Do I recommend it? Once and a thousand times yes.
Fran SolerFran Soler
17:51 22 Aug 22
The product arrived even earlier than indicated. The oil is amazing, not oily at all, and I have combined it with some anti-inflammatory creams that I used and it works great! I will repeat for sure
Erik Vicente de VeraErik Vicente de Vera
10:49 22 Aug 22
Excellent products that really work and a very close treatment despite having a computer in between. excellent.
Salvador Mora MoranaSalvador Mora Morana
11:59 21 Aug 22
Balance oil helps me recover after workouts by relieving aches and pains, a great addition to my routine.
Pablo VilaPablo Vila
11:02 21 Aug 22
It has definitely helped me with my sleeping problems. I am very satisfied. 100% recommended.
peace dexeuspeace dexeus
10:48 21 Aug 22
A great discovery! I had the opportunity to try this cream that kept my skin hydrated 24 hours a day. It has a very light texture and is easy to apply.
Belen Martinez povedaBelen Martinez poveda
17:09 19 May 22
I decided to buy it because I read that CBD helped with menstrual cramps and I was surprised by the results! A month after starting to use the oil, they diminished noticeably, also, I practice powerlifting and since I use it, muscle recovery is less difficult after training. 10/10 without a doubt.
We have started working with this CBD oil in our shop in Valencia and we are delighted with both the quality of the oil and the facilities that Bovē has provided us with at all times.
Carmen CenaCarmen Cena
18:09 18 May 22
I found it a sensational product, because it has helped me with my menstrual pain and anxiety in an easy and simple way. Just taking a few drops continuously morning and night, the body accepts it and helps you relax and reduce the pain.
Miriam QueerMiriam Queer
15:29 18 May 22
I use it for period pains, I refused to have to use contraceptives to regulate the pain and I can say that from the first day you notice how it soothes and calms those unexpected cramps. I'm really pleased ❤️
Gabriela MuñozGabriela Muñoz
15:27 18 May 22
I am delighted. It relaxes me, helps me rest better and my headaches have decreased. It has been a success in all respects. I recommend it 100%!
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