Questions about CBD or Cannabidiol

What is CBD?

CBD (short for cannabidiol) is an active extract from the cannabis plant (also known as the hemp plant) that has recently become one of the biggest trends in the wellness and beauty space because of how versatile and potent it is. CBD comes in many forms and can be used in a variety of ways, both topically and internally. Common CBD products include supplements, often in capsule form, tinctures, pet edibles, skin care and self-care, such as face masks and bath salts, and skin care (our favorite). A common misconception is that CBD is the same as marijuana, and it's not! CBD does not contain any psychoactive compounds and therefore will not get you high. On the contrary, CBD is known for its balancing effect on the body, mind and skin.

Is CBD legal?

Yes, CBD is completely legal in Spain for COSMETIC and EXTERNAL use, a 100% natural oil and without preservatives; (as are our oils, which are registered in the CPNP with the number 3736377). In the rest of Europe, UK, USA or Canada the oral use of CBD is perfectly legal and regulated, so the use of CBD oils is usually internal (sublingual or by adding it to drinks/food).

Where can I buy your CBD oil?

Our CBD oil is temporarily available for purchase on our own website (we are working to ALWAYS HAVE A CONSTANT STOCK FOR YOU), but soon you will be able to purchase it from our amazing distributors.

What is hemp?

Hemp is a very diverse plant with thousands of possible uses. Because it is so resilient, its natural fibers can be incorporated into thousands of products, such as building materials, textiles and hygiene products. Its seeds and flowers are used worldwide as food, fiber, supplements and medicine. It is from the leaf and flowers of hemp that CBD is obtained.

What is the difference between hemp seed oil and CBD oil?

Since CBD and hemp seed oil belong to the same cannabis family, they are often marketed as the same thing, which they are not. They share similarities and have many benefits in common, but CBD is active and hemp is not, so CBD in its pure form is much more potent than hemp. You'll often see beauty products containing hemp seed oil, so it's important to note that while it's a lovely ingredient for the skin, it's not the same as CBD and won't provide the same potent benefits as CBD.

What is the difference between CBD and THC?

Both are compounds found in the hemp plant. CBD stands for cannabidiol and THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol. The main difference between the two is that CBD is not psychoactive, but THC is, which means that THC will get you high and CBD will not. Read more about the difference here.

Does CBD oil contain THC?

No, our products do not contain traces of THC.

Can I get high with CBD?

No - we promise! CBD has no psychoactive properties, so it is not possible to get high with it. On the contrary, CBD will make you feel more balanced and centered in both body and mind.

What are the benefits of CBD?

There are laws and marketing restrictions around what we, as a CBD company, can say about the benefits of CBD. We cannot make any medical claims, but what we can say is that CBD, when taken internally, can help achieve a more balanced and centered feeling in the body and mind. We recommend you do some research on your own, as there is a lot of information about CBD online.

What are the benefits of CBD for the skin?

CBD is a deeply nourishing ingredient that helps soothe and de-stress the skin, making it feel more beautiful, glowing and alive. Read more about CBD skincare on this FAQ page, and check out our range of skincare products here.

How will I feel after taking CBD?

Results vary depending on the dosage and reason for use. It is very individual and depends on how you use it, but in general you will feel a more balanced and centered feeling within 20 minutes of taking a couple of drops of CBD. Read more about CBD, its use and benefits on our blog.

What countries do you ship to?

We ship all over the M-U-N-D-O!